Article Reflection2


Structure your reflection with that section headings and content that aligns this structure and instructions for each section:
MAIN IDEA (10% of content)

What’s the main idea? (Two or three sentences, not a summary, but your main takeaway from the article)

MAIN THEMES (20% of content)

Pick three or four themes from the article.
Identify each followed by a brief description.
Bullet points or short paragraphs are okay.

INSIGHTS (50% of content)

Use any questions included with the assignment as a guide. Then, integrate your responses into this section.

I want you to engage with the ideas, the concepts, not critique the articles/videos, per se.
Instead, look for what’s of value, for that which could be helpful to you in some way.
However, don’t hold back where you disagree; back up assertions with substance.
Bring in your personal experience, education, or learning from this course as relevant.
Avoid, if not eliminate, “musts,” “shoulds,” “need to,” “it’s essential that…” and the like unless you cite an authority or credible research to support your assertion.


How would you apply the concepts in your education, personal life, and career? (Pick one or more concepts to apply.)

How might you apply the concepts to be helpful in Sales and Sales Management decisions, strategy, and communication? (Pick one or more concepts to apply.)


IDENTIFY YOURSELF in the document. At the top of the page: Your name, date, assignment, and course
MS Word or PDF
11pt. Arial, single space, double space between sections and paragraphs, 1” margins
Separate paragraphs with a blank line.
Keep your paragraphs short! Chunk your ideas into separate brief paragraphs for readability.
Use headings – all caps – for each of the sections.
One page approximately – more or less, as needed. “Less is usually more.”

Submit all writing assignments through Sakai by 11:55 PM, typically the night before the Session it’s due.

Evaluation Criteria

The degree to which the student interprets the essence of the article and brings fresh insights
The degree to which the student integrates and connects with course content and personal experience
The degree to which the student fulfills the assignment’s instructions
Readability: short paragraphs, subheadings

Quality of writing: grammar, structure, and flow of ideas