Artifact Essay

This is a narrative essay, an essay that tells a story.
Select an artifact that tells a story about your family history or cultural background that you can share with the class. Artifacts are tangible pieces of the past.  An artifact is something that you can touch. It is not an idea or a story.  Some examples of artifacts can include a picture, a coat of arms, a book or album, a piece of clothing, jewelry, a tool, or a quilt or afghan.
If possible, choose an item that illustrates something about your cultural background that is not obvious. If you cannot find a “hidden” part of your background, teach us something we may not have known about your family or culture. Turn to your family members to learn more about your background. If that is not possible, do research so that you have something significant to share with the rest of the class about your culture.
Once you have selected your artifact, write an essay that describes what the cultural artifact reveals about your culture or family, and analyze the ways in which it does so.