Artist analysis

Whether its part of your day job or your creative work (or, if youre lucky, both!), being able to think critically, conduct research, analyze, and synthesize information about other creatives and their work is a valuable skill. This exercise will encourage you to think more broadly about your field, its history, and where it may be going.

Choose an existing work or established creative in your field that you feel has been overlooked (critically, commercially, or both), and write a research paper rectifying that.

Begin by analysis of the work (or creative person) itself, the historical trend out of which it/they came, the historical moment into which they emerged, and an assessment of how and why you believe it/they were overlooked.

What was the critical response to this work/person at the time? Has that changed over time? If so, how and why?

What was the commercial response? Has that changed over time? If so, how and why?

What are the specific qualities you see in the work or creative that you believe make it/them worthy of further study?

You must include at least five sources, 3 of which are peer-reviewed journals.

Your essay must be 4 to 6 double-spaced pages.