As You Like It by William Shakespeare

In Shakespeares play As You Like It, prominent themes of Fortune and Nature are shown throughout.
I found this passage to be relevant, as the two end up taking Fortune in their own hands. When Rosalind ends up cross dressing and tricking her love interest, she teaches him how she wants to be treated. Therefore she is able to be married and treated in accordance to how she wants. So in a way, Rosalind is navigating her own future instead of waiting for Fortune to bless her with what she wants.
Wit is prominent throughout this play as Celia asks Rosalind, When Nature hath made a fair creature, may she not by Fortune fall into the fire? Though Nature hath given us wit to flout at Fortune, hath not Fortune sent in this fool to cut off the argument? (1.2. 37-40) I found this to be in the direction of how life isnt fair. I also found this to be foreshadowing of how Nature and Fortune are a team, and one always follows the other. Specifically how Fortune drives characters into moving the plot along, while Nature stands for what they represent.