Asian Americans and the Crucible of World War II (Chapter 8)

This discussion is based on Chapter 8 of the textbook.

To guide your conversation, here are a few prompts to consider. Choose an option that works for you. Do not answer all of them. Do not copy-and-paste the prompt in your response. Also, avoid REPEATING information that another classmate has already posted. You can expand upon their ideas instead.

How did World War II sometimes represent new opportunities for Asian American groups, and why was it during this time that those transformations were made possible? How does that fit your expectations for this time period?
Examine a specific ethnic group and discuss their experiences as a whole during this time period. Discuss why you chose that group and how some of those group experiences and treatment were particular to their ethnic identity/affiliation. Do not repeat information that your classmates have written. 
Analyze (do not describe) the rationale and process behind Japanese American incarceration. What were the major constitutional problems associated with incarceration? Also, consider the discussions around national security concerns in the post-9/11 era — what connections do you see with incarceration during WWII? Do they present similar issues? Why or why not? 
Free response, based on your own thoughts/reflections of the readings.