Assessing Human Capital

You will select Denton, Texas for this assignment. Asset Building Community Development of Gary Paul Green & Anna Haines. 4th Edition Chapter 6: Human Capital is the book for reference. Make sure you stay in the range of 300 words. Plagiarism check, please.
Remember the Arts and Creative CapitalOne important point to be made before trying to provide you some insight into available data sites to assist you in examining the human capital assets in your community. In addition to standard forms of labor also consider the opportunities that may exist with the arts. Consider the experience in Western North Carolina where over the past several years artisans and craft persons were encouraged to locate pottery shops, paint studios, and other activities in the region. Their operations in turn fostered tourism and even led to cottage industries such as manufacturer of custom designed, upscale earrings sold nationwide. Please at least skim this monograph using these websites:
The NC Arts Trails (Links to an external site.) Blue Ridge Heritage (Links to an external site.) Human CapitalAssessment of human capital is presented as examining the workforce and related indicators for a community. The US Census Community Quick Facts (Links to an external site.) may prove particularly useful for research demographic, educational attainment, and socio-economic data for the community you selected for your community development project. You can search by your community name and or zip code.
Note: You have to enter the state, county, city, town, or zip code for which you wish data.
(Links to an external site.)Quick facts will give a demographic profile for a county or city in Texas. It may be that for extremely small places, the data is just not readily available. The demographic profile includes not only workforce statistics by occupation, but also gives the education of persons and their income among a host of other statistics. If a community is not in the database, the county data may be the best available estimate. Included in the demographic profile will be employment data. Quick Facts is not limited to Texas data, but will provide real insight to any state and its counties and cities.
Assignment CriteriaFor this project, we are going to assess the human capital for the community you selected for your Course Project.
This blended assignment has 2 parts:
Read the information about the arts below just to become more familiar with the concept of creative capital in terms of human capital.Use the resources below to begin to assess the human capital in the community you selected for your course project – Community resource mapping project. Specifically consider the following:Define the local labor market. How far do workers commute out of or into (to work at major employers) your community? Consider using U.S. Census Commuting Patterns (Links to an external site.) data. This resource will show you commuter flows and provides data about where people are going to work relative to where they live.Identify major employers in the community. What types of jobs do they have available? What are the starting wages and experience needed for these jobs?Identify local institutions involved in training to support the employment sector. What programs are available?What gaps do you see in the demand and supply for labor in your community and its surrounding region? What do your findings mean in the context of asset based community development?Your response should have a direct reference to the course content and be at least 200 words. You should provide a direct reference to the course material and it should be properly cited APA style.