Assessment plan and tool for ESL English

For this assignment, there will be two parts.
            Assessment Plan : Think of a classroom-based assessment scenario and decide upon an appropriate assessment plan (4 double-spaced pages). The assessment plan will include a written explanation and justification of the assessment tool(s) you have chosen to utilize, a discussion of the dilemmas that arose in your decision-making processes, and a reflection on the possible outcomes (including difficulties) of implementing your assessment plan.

            Assessment Tool : Utilizing the knowledge you have gained throughout the course, write or choose the assessment tool(s) you outlined in your Assessment Plan and pilot the tool. Write an explanatory commentary of 4 double-spaced pages that reiterates and expands the explanation and justification of how the assessment was written, explains how the assessment was piloted and the results of the piloting, evaluates the assessment tool according to the five principles, and reflects on how the assessment could be improved. Make sure you answer the question: How would your assessment plan change now that you have written and piloted the assessment tool(s)?

I will provide sample and a book to use