Assign.#5 Role-Answers-Leadershi

On the worksheet you’ll  find a variety of Leadership traits. Your group’s task is to reach consensus by crating a list of the top 5 Leadership traits, your whole group would like to see in their leader. Top 5 traits – most important traits in rank order.
1. On your own, before you join the group, you will Fill out your sheet “Leadership Traits”. Don’t leave any question blank, and you must rank order the traits Most important to least important based on your own preferences.
2. Once You join your small group, begin to  compare your answers and create a whole new rank of traits. On your Role Sheet, You group will come up with the top 5 most important Leader traits.   
*Upload your Completed Solo Worksheet and 1 Group Role sheet with Answers by going to the Assignments Tab, scrolling down to the “Leadership Traits” exercise then click on it and hit the Submit button to submit your completed worksheet.  Due  Fri.11/19/21