Assignment 1 Grant writing

1.  The Focus Area of your grant proposal.  You do not need to know the exact project that you plan to create, but you do want to identify the area on which your project will focus.  For example, what problem or concern will you be addressing?  Which population will your grant serve?  Will the focus of your grant be on the creation of an intervention, influencing policies and laws, increasing access to existing resources and programs, or something else? Why have you chosen this focus area?

This is my grant

2.  Identify the grant funding agency and specific grant for which you are writing this application.  The funder should be one that serves the geographic area where your program activities take place.  It should be a funder that funds the kind of activity you are proposing.  While in a situation where you are actually submitting a grant, it should be open to receiving applications, this is not required for this assignment.  The funder should fund projects that are the size and scope of what you are proposing ($10,000 or less).
Share the name and website of the grant funding agency you have chosen.  Explain why you believe this funder is a good match for the program you wish to propose.