Assignment 1: Multimedia Poetry Project

. CHOOSE A WELL-KNOWN POEM OR SONG LYRICS. (It cannot be something written by you or a friend.) Do not use a Haiku or Tanka, as they are too short. Make sure your selection allows you to find the information needed for your presentation. 2. CREATE 13 SLIDES OR 13 SEPARATE PAGES OF A WORD DOCUMENT3. EACH SLIDE/PAGE NEEDS TO HAVE A BACKGROUND AND/OR PICTURE THAT MATCHES THE CONTENT. (Do not use the same background or picture for all slides/pages.)4. THE ITEMS THAT NEED TO BE ON EACH SLIDE/PAGE ARE LISTED BELOW. (FULL EXPLANATIONS ARE IN THE POETRY ASSIGNMENT WORKSHOP.)
You may choose any multimedia presentation tool you would like. Here are some possibilities:
Powerpoint Sway