Assignment: Add to the Supporting Literature

The Assignment (Prospectus Form – Supporting Literature section):
Complete the keyword and databases searched section of the Prospectus Form. What additional keywords have you discovered?The Supporting Literature section of the Prospectus Form requires 10 brief summaries of peer-reviewed journals in the last five years. This week, you will begin working on the Supporting Literature section of the Prospectus Form, by providing four additional articles from peer-reviewed journals that justify your problem. Include the complete, APA reference and (a) an in-text citation; (b) what they studied; (c) what they found, and (d) why this is important in relation to your study. This evidence provides support for your research problem.
My social problem is gender inequality in top leadership positions in Kenya.
I need 6 sources that are peer-reviewed, 5 years or less, and these sources must be journal articles. The paper needs to be in APA format 7th edition. Each of the 6 sources needs to have a short summary written about them and include a gap (that is, what has not been studied yet. For each