Assignment Freedom Song Analysis

In three full paragraphs, discuss how the two songs you picked depict either very similar or very different aspects of freedom.
Things to consider (you do not have to address all of these questions; you actually only need one or two to meet the paragraph requirement):

How is freedom being defined? Deconstructed? Devalued?
Is freedom based on some other aspect of humanity, like love or happiness or myth?
Is freedom different across genders? Races? Sexualities? Class? Religions?
How does the genre of the song you pick influence how freedom is depicted?


At least three full paragraphs
MLA format (Works Cited page option but encouraged)

a template has been attached
this means you will need to upload your completed word or pdf document as an attachment to submit correctly 

At least one quote and citation from each song
A clear definition or philosophy  of freedom

use the Freedom PPT as needed to structure your ideas, but do not cite the PPT

More analysis than summary
Submitted as an attachment and not as a textbox submission by Friday deadline

The two  songs are