Assignment: Violence in the Schools

Chapter 11 concerns Violence in the Schools. Unfortunately, this has become a reality in our society. We as school social workers need to be on the forefront of preventing violence and identifying the warning signs of that can lead students to harming themselves and others. Review the PowerPoint on violence in the schools.

Complete the following steps. I am going to leave the format of the assignment up to you. You can choose a traditional paper or a presentation style format. Be as creative as you want.
Step 1
Briefly research the following preventative measures that could be employed in the prevention of school violence:

School Security – Resource Officers
Metal Detectors
Arming teachers and administrators
Positive School Environment
Bullying Prevention Programs

Step 2
Cite your sources. For each prevention measure, summarize your findings in 2-3 sentences.
Step 3
Answer the following questions in a paragraph:

Was there any evidence that you found that any of these is an effective way to prevent violence? What are your thoughts? Should any of these be implemented in every school? Different grade levels?

Step 4
Review the news stories in the module. In a paragraph, state your opinion about what you saw.
This assignment is graded using the written assignment rubric. Due by Sunday, 11:59 pm ET.