Assisgnment completion

hi i was wondering if i could get something completed related to the interview question , itll probably be another page or so. I can open a new order but it would be in relation to what has already been completed. Thankyou

Students must create an interview of fifteen questions, interview a person currently working in a career (the interview may be done through email, phone, or face-to-face). This must be typed and submitted electronically below before the deadline. Ten points will be deducted from this grade every 24 hour period that it is late. This assignment is worth 2% of the course grade.
Please submit the following:
Your first and last name (2 points)
name of interviewee (2 points)
title of position he/she holds (2 points)
Date and type of the interview performed (2 points)
Why you chose this person to interview (2points)
Each question should be numbered and followed by the interviewee’s answer to that question. There should be a total of fifteen questions and answers. Make sure you do not ask yes/no questions. Get them to communicate with you as much as you can. For example, do not ask: Do you like your job? But rather: What do you like about your job or Please describe what you do like/not like about your job.
Note: Your fifteen questions (no yes/no questions) are worth 3 points each. Answers are worth 3 points each. Points will be deducted for not following instructions.