attachment style and its influence in the couples dynamic

APA Formatted title page (Title, page numbers, running head, author information)
APA formatted abstract of no more than 100 words. The abstract should introduce the research topic, summarize research on that problem, and state what practices are best to address the problem.
Introduction–State the topic, problem, or need you are focusing on (e.g., teen pregnancy, domestic violence, dually-diagnosed offenders, etc.), explaining why this problem is relevant to the counseling arena.
Critical Literature Review: Summarize and critique recent research on your topic. Along with the text you used to support your claim that the topic is relevant to your area, you must base your review on at least:

Four quantitative journal articles (may be experiment, survey, or meta- analysis based)
Two qualitative journal articles
One other critical literature review source (journal article, book, or book chapter)
These articles should have publication dates from within the last five years

Hypothesis/Research Questions

Select and explain the methodology (qualitative, quantitative, mixed) that you would use if you were executing the study.
Include an appropriate hypothesis or research questions within the literature review based on the type of methodology you would pursue (quantitative or qualitative) if you were to collect data.

APA Formatting: Along with the title page, page numbers, and abstract, you need to:

Create a reference list for all sources used
Use correct citation formats
Follow guidelines on parallel structure, avoiding bias, and using the active voice
Follow guidelines on grammar and punctuation