Aurum Furniture Case Study

Read the Attached Case study and answer the following Questions1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of Aurum Furniture, highlighting the implications it has on John’sdecision.2. Why did John decide to join Aurum Furniture?3. What were the most important organizational differences between Aurum and the typical nonfamily professionalized firm?4. Discuss the key personal, family, and business challenges that John encountered when hestarted to work at Aurum. Which of these challenges were related to the informal, nonprofessionalized nature of Aurum and which were caused by family relationship dynamicsinside the business?5. What tactics did John use to overcome these challenges?6. What was needed for professionalization to succeed? What benefits did Aurum derive fromJohn’s attempt to professionalize the firm? Do you agree with John’s focus on dealing withthe challenges mainly through the professionalization of Aurum?7. At the close of the case what did John perceive as his primary career alternatives? Whatwere the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives?