Avoiding Vague, Abstract, and Ambiguous Language Submit Assignment

pease post the link to video or statement  found  
lThe expectations for how we communicate differ based on the situation. For example, in individual conversations we can get by with words that are somewhat ambiguous or vague because the other person can stop and ask a question for clarification. But public speaking is one-way communication. It requires us to be selective about our choice of words to make our intended message as clear as possible.
To complete the Discussion activity, do the following:

In a new discussion board post, find a statement or speech online that uses vague, abstract or ambiguous language (see the Language Fundamentals section in Ch. 10) and post a written version of the example. In your comments, identify the specific parts of the example that are vague, abstract or ambiguous. Explain how these unclear words could confuse or mislead the reader.