Bebop Vocabulary develops

Watch the Charlie Parker video ‘Hot House’, Chet Baker’s video ‘Time After Time’, and the Art Blakey video ‘Moanin’ from the weblink module. Respond with a 2 page discussion of Jazz DNA, Style and Context. (see below)

Although all three styles are built on the bebop vocabulary, what has changed in the music which makes Chet Baker’s (who playing with Gerry Mulligan and became the quintessential Cool trumpet player) music clearly in the West Coast Cool style, and Blakey’s music clearly in the Hard Bop style? What additions of rhythmic, and melodic ideas or other style characteristics have altered the sound of their bands to sound so different from Bebop and from each other. Site specific moments in each song to support your ideas, referencing either solos or, more importantly, timings (ei. at 2:30 the trumpet did x,y and z). Lastly, what moments, if any, in the Chet Baker and Art Blakey performances DO connect their music to what Charlie Parker is doing in Bebop. Again site specific timings for examples.