Begin to Advocate

This assignment requires about 10 hours of preparation time and the execution of advocacy activity.
Complete the assigned reading for Unit 12 and review your answers to the study questions. Review the action plan you submitted for Assignment 3. Then choose one element of the action plan that you feel could be reasonably completed or executed in about 2 or 3 weeks. For example, you could choose to interview an important stakeholder, prepare an information sheet, write an article or letter for a local newspaper, design a webpage or blog site, compose a song, or organize a gathering.
List your preparatory steps and outline the advocacy action you intend to pursue. Email this outline to your tutor by the end of Week 18 at the latest.
Contact your tutor to discuss how you will finalize the work to be assessed as well as the method of assessment. Think about how you would like this assignment to be evaluated, and about the practical implications of such an assessment for your tutor.
Here are several example suggestions:

If your advocacy involves designing a brochure, you could draft a brochure and prepare an evaluation template that includes the elements to be assessed, such as clarity of language, visual appeal, helpfulness of information, and the resources needed for its production.

If your advocacy involves writing an article for a newspaper, you might define the length of the article and the intended audience. You could prepare an evaluation template similar to the one described above, except tailored to the newspaper medium, that you could attach to your written article when you submit it for assessment.

If your advocacy involves making a presentation to a community group, you might audio or video record your presentation. You could prepare an evaluation template that you could attach to your recording when you submit it for assessment.

If any part of your assignment involves research with human subjects (interview, survey/questionnaire, focus group, life history, participant observation), read the Womens and Gender Studies Research and Ethics Guidelines. Then download and complete the appropriate recruitment and consent forms, which are available on that page. Submit them with your assignment.

When you communicate with your tutor, take the opportunity to advocate for yourselfthat is, try to design an enriched assessment experience from which you can most benefit! Be creative and thorough in your suggestions about how your advocacy should be assessed and be receptive to suggestions from your tutor. Through collaboration such as this, you will be able to participate in an enriching, successful, and personalized learning experience.
Assignment 4 will be evaluated for

creativity and the completeness of your list of the preparatory steps and of the outline of the advocacy action

thoroughness and efficiency of the method of assessment

adherence to the standards described in your evaluation plan

clarity of writing, including









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