Benchmark GIM Case Analysis (Paper)

The purpose of this Assignment is for students to integrate social work knowledge, values, skill, theories, and research into a selected case presentation analysis.
Instructions For Assignment (100 Points)
The selected Case Analysis will require students to critically think about what should be done in each Stage of the Planned Change Process.  This Assignment is divided into sections, which contain specific instructions and pertinent information for students to adhere and follow. 
Students will select one of the cases provided on November 30th 2021. Students will type the case and then begin responding to each section in this assignment.  Please make sure that you use subheadings for each section so that the Instructor can follow the paper.   Make sure that you read the instructions for each section of the assignment. This paper must be written in APA paper format.
 Part I- Planned Change Process and Selected Case (25 Points)
Students will be required to apply the Planned Change Process and incorporate what you would do as a social worker in each of the stages starting from Self-reflection to the Follow Up Process in their selected case.  Make sure that you label each stage and then provide your discussion. It is required that you elaborate to the fullest in each stage.
Part II- Theory Selection (25 Points)
In continuing with this case, select theory that you have learned in one of your social work classes that will support the assessment and implementation with your selected case study. Briefly describe the theory and then justify why this theory was selected. Make sure that the theory selected is relevant to your case.
Part III- Review of the Literature (25 Points)
Research and integrate four peer reviewed research journal articles to support the assessment and planning with the client in case study selection. Discuss how the article supports the identified needs or issues of the client and support your recommendations. The peer reviewed research journal articles must be between the years of 2011-2021.  The articles referenced in the paper should do the following:

Support the identified needs/issues of the client (provide discussion in this area)
Support your recommendations and /or describe the intervention plan, or to articulate your use of self. (provide discussion in this area)
In addition provide the link of the research journal article

Part IV- Self-Assessment (20 Points)
In one full page, discuss what you have learned personally and professionally from completing this assignment.  Describe your thoughts and level of comfort) about applying the Planned Change Process in a practice setting.    
Part V- Mechanical Protocol  (5 Points)
Students are required to adhere to the specific mechanical protocols that are outlined throughout the assignments for this course.  These protocols include typing in Times New Roman, black ink, 12-inch margin, double spacing, numbering of pages and APA format.  In addition, assignment must be accompanied by a cover sheet that should not be numbered.  Students are required to adhere to this protocol.  Failure to comply will result in a penalty on assignment