Benefits of Higher Education

Specifically, address the following issues in your paper.

What skills (teamwork, technology, communication, etc.) did you develop and/or strengthen?
How will you use these skills to begin or improve your career?
What opportunities does higher education provide to citizens?
What have you gained from your educational journey and why would you encourage others to follow in your footsteps?
How will you maintain a lifelong learning attitude?

The paper should follow the APA 7th edition format.  The paper should include:

Title page
Times New Roman (12) font
Minimum of 7 pages of narrative
Minimum of 6 references (minimum of 3 scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles/references, plus an additional 3 references)
Reference page(s) 

The syllabus asks that your paper address the value of higher education in today’s society.  The question some have asked is “should I write this from a personal perspective” and the answer is yes.  You want to include how your education has affected your life but you also must include research that shows how education levels affect lifestyles and opportunities.  There is some good research that discusses the differences higher education can afford individuals.  One really helpful site is the U.S. Department of Labor.  They have several links and resources that provide data on quality of life as well as lifetime earnings information based on levels of education.