Benjamin Herold’s “Jobs at All Levels Now Require Digital Literacy. Here’s Proof.”

Subjectof writing:
BenjaminHerold’s “Jobs at All Levels Now Require Digital Literacy. Here’sProof.”

Note: Eachof your paragraphs must provide evidence to support your belief that the authorhas successfully or unsuccessfully achieved their goals. DON’T simply summarizethe article.
Your grade will derive from your abilities to identify themessage and audience of the article, to argue a clear claim/thesis that stateswhether or not the text successfully communicates its message, to support thatthesis with specific evidence and direct quotations culled from the article,and to organize your thoughts in an effective, thoughtful manner to help yourreader clearly understand your argument.
Youshould submit a 750-word essay (not counting the work Works Cited page for thearticle you are analyzing), typed and double-spaced.
UseTimes New Roman font in 12-pt size.
Formatyour paper according to MLA guidelines.