BFF3121 Investments and Portfolio Management: Funds And Investment

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HI6026 Accounting Theory and Current Issues
Should KGC Ltd. revalue its major PPE assets from historic cost to fair-market value? (Discuss the principles, potential issues, and risks). 30 b) The PP&E is estimated to have a replacement value of $20.5 billion AUD and a value in use of $12.0 billion AUD under current expected operations (i.e …
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Analytical Comment
Make Analytical Comment on the company’s financial statements (Cash flow statement, Income statement, Balance Sheet) from the company’s Annual Report showing the figures/ graphs/ headlines/ pictures also take information from medias on the related topics mentioned of the company make a comparison be …
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TACC602 Accounting For Business
Task:Required:1.Perform a vertical (common-size) analysis of the financial statements of both companies.2.Calculate and compare the following financial ratios/amounts for both companies: (a)LiquidityWorking capitalCurrent ratioQuick/acid-test ratio(b)SolvencyDebt ratioDebt-to-equity …
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N34012 Accounting and Finance
Questions:Wholesome Ltd is a natural product retailing company that operates an organic store located in Maida Vale, London. It sells a wide range of organic products such as health and wellbeing, skin care and beauty, and food and drinks. It also serves a selection of freshly prepared lu …
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Financial and Economic Literacy for Managers
Explain the three classifications of production and give examples of each classification (b) Explain opportunity costs and give examples (c) Explain the purpose and evolution of the UK standard industrial classification (SIC) since 1948 (d) Explain with the use of two (2) separate diagrams, the shif …
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Equipment is depreciated over 5 years on a straight line basis and the cost of capital for Noothercompany Limited is 12.50%.  a. For each of the investment alternatives, calculate the i. Net present value (2 MARKS) ii. Internal Rate of Return (2 MARKS) iii. Payback Period in years and days (2 M …
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