Biochemistry: Effect of competitive and uncompetitive Inhibitors

The Eadie Hofstee equation is a variation of the Michaelis-Menthen equation.
What would happen to the slope and the y-intercept of the line in a graph that shows Vo as a function of Vo/[S] if 
(a) a competitive inhibitor is present
(b) a uncompetitive inhibitor is present
Predict the behavior in each case and explain briefly. It might be useful to review the lecture recording and chapter 6 of the textbook. Your submission should be typed in the text box, has to be original and be submitted by October 10.
The contributions to the course discussion board will be graded according to
2 points   Correct prediction for slope and intercept for the competitive inhibitor
2 points   Correct prediction for slope and intercept for the uncompetitive inhibitor
3 points   Student provides correct explanation for the competitive inhibitor case
3 points  Student provides correct explanation for the uncompetitive inhibitor case