Sampling is an important concept within the life sciences. Ideally, we would collect information for entire populations that we want to study, but this is rarely feasible. It is important that samples have characteristics that are similar to the populations they come from, and we call this a representative sample. If this isn’t the case, then it becomes unlikely that the information provided by the sample will be able to be generalized (extended) to the population of interest.
Sampling in ResearchFor this assignment, begin by finding two peer-reviewed journal articles. Review each one, focusing on the sample that was used and how it was obtained. Then, compose a paper of 2-3 pages in which you complete the following:
Briefly summarize the topic of the research discussed in each study.Describe the sample for each and explain how it was obtained.Evaluate how well each sample represents the corresponding population.Be sure to include supporting detail from the readings, as well as other scholarly sources.