Black Family Studies

Film & Media Assignment: New Perspectives on Black Motherhood 

mater mea (pronounced mah-ter, may-uh, Latin for my mother) is the #1 destination for thoughtful, high-quality content that celebrates, supports, and empowers Black moms, as well as women on their journey to motherhood. mater mea represents the diversity of Black motherhood and the fullness of Black womanhood, reflecting who we are across all avenues of our lives with honesty and without judgment.
Launched in 2012 by founder Tomi Akitunde, mater mea supports the well-being of Black mothers so that their children, families, and communities can thrive, too. mater mea provides community and answers to Black mothers most pressing questions through sincere storytelling and expert advice.
Visit: Mater Mea (Role Mamas):
I.Choose any two interviews of the stories of Black motherhood shared by the women on this website, and for each:
a.discuss why you choose their story, 
b.why they are important, 
c.and what we can learn about the nuances of Black motherhood from these stories.

II.Watch Black Mamas Bail Out Day: Movement Grows to Free Black Women From Jail for Mothers Day: 
d. What actions are the activists in this coalition taking to support incarcerated Black mothers, and what are they hoping to highlight through their movement?
e. Discuss one thing you learned from this interview with Mary Hooks.
f. Read: #FreeBlackMamas: Laws for Black Lives, and through the infographic. What are some of the differences National Bailout is making in the lives of Black people and their families?

Stories of Black Motherhood:
III.What did the women in this mini-documentary say about the joys and challenges of Black motherhood? (Your response should be a paragraph minimum for this question, and should address specific information discussed in the mini-doc, and connect their discussions to this weeks readings and themes: See attached files/articles)