Black nationalism

For this assignment you will identify and explain the significance of five sources related to some aspect of Africana Studies. You will write an annotated bibliography addressing a specific phenomenon related to Africana Studies. This annotated bibliography will consist of one to two paragraphs for each of the five sources detailing what the source is (identification), what is in the source (substance), and your perspective on how this source relates to the theme or aspect you have chosen (significance). You may choose from a wide variety of themes, people, places, and historical problems we have studied this semester. A few examples would be: transatlantic slavery, emancipation, Universal Negro Improvement Association, religion and spirituality, negritude, Black nationalisms, post-emancipation economies, Black feminisms. The list of possible topics is long and varied, you are not limited to the aforementioned themes—you are welcome to compose a bibliography in response to a wide array of topics. Please use quotation marks when citing, then elborate.
Use course materials to identify possible topics as well as to help you begin to develop a list of relevant sources. You may not use any assigned course readings for your annotated bibliography. Instead, utilize the footnotes and references in assigned course materials to identify other scholarly sources. The library has an Africana Studies Research Guide, which you should become familiar with and utilize in your research: sources included in your annotated bibliographies must be scholarly sources. These include peer-reviewed academic articles and books, encyclopedia entriesdo not count–full citation details are required.Write the initial Chicago-Style footnotes for your citations. Papers must address at least five (5) sources in standard 12-point font. I am happy to answer any questions, meet for consultation, and look at draft assignments. If you have any questions or concerns