Boeing, INC milestone 1

See attachmentl for details.

This week, you willcomplete Milestone #1: the companys current operating Context. Please respondto the Current Operating Context questions shown in Appendix 1.A, p.32 of yourtext and submit a paper. Your paper should:
       Be 4 to6 pages in length not including the required title and reference pages.
       Includea title page, section headers, introduction, conclusion, reference page, andappendix.
       Beformatted according to APA 7 style.
       Includeat least five scholarly articles, peer-reviewed articles, or other professionalsources listed in Appendix 13.A.
       Useheadings to indicate the topic areas. Do not repeat the questions from Appendix1.A.
       Includean Appendix A: Strategic Audit Worksheet. Create one that matches Figure 13-1using the appropriate rows for each weeks submission. For each week, youshould complete the rows based on the topics covered, and the columns shouldinclude analysis with ratings of positive and negative factors as well as anysummary comments you might want to make. You will develop the complete table asyou move through the class.
o  A positive factor is one that has actual or potentialimpacts on improvements of the organizations performance. A negative factor isone that has actual or potential impacts on reducing the organizations performance.
       Use thequestions in Appendix 1.A of your text to assess the organization and todevelop your responses for your Appendix A.