Book Review”The Protest Paychosis”by Jonathan m Metzl

This overview should introduce each book sufficiently for those that did not read the book(s). Connections across the books and with the content for that week (Mental Health) should also be highlighted.It would be wise for every student to have a 2-3 sentence summary or a short list of bulleted points.This should not be scripted or a rigid as a presentation with slides, rather it should be a fluid conversation where the books are summarized and their most important connections to one another and the week’s topic are highlighted.
Student should be prepared for this discussion with 3 discussion questions for their fellow book club members
student must also prepare 2 discussion questions for the whole class. The purpose is to get the whole class engaged in discussions around the primary themes brought up in the book(s).
You only have to worry about chapter 14-21( so only 8 chapter you have to read).