Book: Understanding Violence and Victimization (Robert J. Meadows) 6th or 7th edition

You will pick fifteen new concepts, five from each chapter. Pick concepts that seem the most interesting to you which you would like to delve in detail by providing examples and relevance to real world events. (i) Describe the concept in your own words, (ii) why you chose this concept, (iii) describe it in relevance to the course or chapter, and (iv) provide examples from news or real world to explain the concept (about 100-200 words for each concept).

You will summarize each chapter (three summaries, one for each chapter) in about 500-750 words for each summary. A good summary accurately describes the main point(s) and important details of the chapter. To be accurate and concise you must be thoroughly familiar with the chapter reading. Do not provide opinions, just state facts as you have summarized from the text.