Bring your own device BYOD

Final Paper BYOD
Topic:  Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a trend thatorganizations are implementing.  They areallowing (encouraging) employees to access company records and data frompersonal mobile devices and machines that the company does not own.  Some companies are not supplying computers totheir employees and are relying on employees to access company information ontheir own devices.
Written Assignment:  Prepare an analysis of thesubject using the information below as a guide. The paper should be in the 2300 – 2500 word range.  You might not answer every sub-question, butyour paper should be organized along the four major categories below.  Be sure to footnote all direct quotes andfacts.  You also need to have a separateSources page at the end of the report that documents the items that you usedas a reference.  You are required to haveat least 3 sources for the paper. (Wikipedia or other open source websites are not an appropriate academicsource for this class.)
Remember that you are writing these papers from an auditorsperspective asking the question, How would I test these IT controls?    This will be part of your critical thinkinggrade.  
1.  FACTS: Present the FACTS about BYOD in business today. How manycompanies have adopted these ideas in part or in full?  What are the predicted trends for the futureof BYOD? 
In expressing your answer,evaluate based on the following:
– How does BYOD fit into clients needs in light ofregulations and security baselines?
– What policies need to be established and enforced toensure confidentiality, Integrity, and availability?
– How would an organization monitor and testcompliance with regulatory guidelines?
2.  POSITIVES: What have been some positive experiences with BYOD?  What have companies found that has made thisa good idea?  What are some of the budgetsavings that companies have experienced? Are there any pleasant surprises or side-affects that have beenobtained?  What good tips/bestpractices have successful companies used to make this a good undertaking?
3.  NEGATIVES: What problems have companies had with BYOD?  What are some of the negative aspects ofBYOD?  Have there been problems that werenot anticipated?  Has there been anynegative influence on the IT budget process? What are some areas of networking and security that are causing issuesor potential problems?  Are thereinstances where BYOD has jeopardized the regulatory compliance oforganizations?  Provide examples and whatproblems should have been addressed?
4.  AFFECT ON IT(and other) AUDTITS:  Have there been anynegative consequences on the auditing of data and information?  What are some problems for companies thatmight be anticipated with the storage and retrieval of business records fromdevices they do not own?  What are someof the unique challenges that auditors might face in the future as the trend ofBYOD continues to grow?