You are the Emergency Management director within your community and specifically dealing with issues that have arisen pertaining to disaster management. You have seen there have been some issues with communication, telecommunication, and being able to have adequate training for not only community stakeholders, but also for your own personnel. The lack of information and communication has caused some concerns in regards to whether or not the community is prepared to handle different types of disasters, both human made as well as natural disasters, and there has been a need for outreach to political stakeholders in an effort to secure future funding for training and educational opportunities.
For this assignment, create an educational flyer that will be able to address the concerns of the community and political stakeholders, the personnel within your own departments, and what type of communication measures are going to be used to provide outreach to all agencies involved in disaster responses. Be sure to discuss the following:

The goals of the communication policy for facility personnel; Compliance with the communication policy;
Information for frequently asked questions dealing with prevention, barriers, and other challenges that might arise; and
Community, political, and personnel outreach methods.

The flyer should be well-written and meet the following requirements:

One (1) page in length (excluding title and reference pages),
Formatted according to Trevecca and APA writing standards and
Include at least three (3) I current references from peer-reviewed articles. The Trevecca Library is a good place to find peer-reviewed articles.

To see an example, view the following brochure, , developed by the World Health Organization.
Your brochure should meet the following structural requirements:

Two-page brochure that includes all elements detailed above.
Conforms to Trevecca University and APA writing standards; be sure to cite any statistics or other information, as appropriate.

For additional assitance with creating a brochure, review the following resource: