The topic is completing homework BROCHUREPurpose:The purpose of the group project is to apply information, both from theory and researchabout development during school-age years and translate that information for a specific nonexpert audience. As part of the role they play, child development professionals are asked foradvice on how to handle a commonly arising challenge or issue. This assignment is designedto practice that skill of applying child development knowledge to formulate solutions.Details of the project:1. Students will first decide whether they would like to complete this assignment solo, withone classmate or with two classmates and let the professor know of their decision. Thosewho decide to work in a pair or in a group of three may choose their own partner orgroup members or request help from the professor to find classmates.2. The topic for the brochure assignment will be assigned by the professor.3. The brochure must contain all the elements described below.4. Students working in pairs or in groups must submit one ONE copy of the final brochurefor review and evaluation.Content of the Brochure. Students will create a brochure illustrating the three developmentaldomains as well as specific suggestions for enhancing development in middle childhood.The brochure must begin with the description of the issue or challenge that you areaddressing. In this description, include what the challenge is and why it occurs. Youmay use material from assigned readings to support your points. Be sure to cite thesource and include it in the list of references.After this description, clearly identify your target audience. Whom are your developingthe brochure for? The target or intended audience could be parents, teachers, orcounselors of school-age children or school-age children themselves. The audience couldalso be policy makers. After you identify the audience, clearly note what you hope toaccomplish with the brochure (what is the purpose of the brochure).The next part of the brochure should be a table showing the connections between whatyou learned about development during school-age years and the solution or implicationyou are deducing from it. This table will be discussed in a class meeting in greater detail.Connecting your knowledge about childrens development with advice you formulate orsolutions you suggest in tackling normal problems is the most important task you willperform as a professional. This part of the brochure gives you a chance to practice that skills. The final part of the brochure should be the advice presented in a fuller description.Write this part as though you are directly addressing the audience.Refer to the course pack and/or the lecture slides and be sure to cite the source(s) you use in thetext using proper APA format. Provide a complete reference in the References section. Do notuse sources other than those used in class. You must demonstrate an ability to apply theconcepts and information you learned to solve problems. Using packaged and existingprograms will result in a failing grade.Bear in mind that you will be addressing a common or a normally arising challenge. Do notcatastrophize or be overly dramatic. This is an academic assignment, not the local evening news.