1. Microsoft Outlook is one of the many email platforms that are in use today. What are the benefits of using Outlook over a web-based email platform such as Gmail or Yahoo? Are there any disadvantages of using Outlook instead of a web-based email platform? If so, what are they and if not, what makes Outlook the optimal email platform?

2. Two relatively new interventions in organization development (OD), sustainable management organizations (SMOs) and global social change organizations (GSCO), are aimed at enabling organizations to pursue sustainable effectiveness. These change processes are fundamentally different from other OD interventions that focus primarily on achieving economic objectives. SMOs must be flexible enough to sustain high levels of economic, social, and environmental performance. Achieving these triple-bottom-line objectives relies on design guidelines that promote capabilities in change and multi-stakeholder decision-making.
On the other hand, GSCO needs to maintain solid ideological positions regarding the fair and just distribution of wealth, resources, and power fuel this movement. Change agents can help GSCOs become more effective and alter their external context by strengthening local organizations, building horizontal linkages with other like-minded GSCOs, and developing vertical linkages with policy-making organizations.

How can change agents support SMOs and GSCOs using stewardship, agility, communication, negotiation, networking skills, and bridging?


How can irresponsible behaviors impact the workplace in either organization?