Business for Good

The prompt for this paper is: “In no more than 1500 words, describe what Business For Good means to you personally and professionally. Your answer should incorporate everything we have learned this semester, including the class sessions, group project, and other material presented.” 
Please note that papers must be a minimum of 1250 words. Papers less than 1250 words will be assigned a maximum of 50% of the grade.
Please consider the following parts to your answer.
a. What you learned from class sessions, group project, and course readings about Business for Good. Explain how you came to your personal understanding of Business for Good. Use multiple examples and support your argument in an academic way. (This means appropriate use of quotes where applicable, and appropriate citations. You may choose the citation method that is most comfortable for you).
b. What does Business for Good mean to you personally and professionally. Describe what Business for Good means to you. Then apply that meaning to your personal and professional life – how will Business for Good play out in your life and career?

– Group Project
– Class Slides for week 8 and 11
– Published writing by Professor