business law

Applying the Concepts of Contract and Tort Law to Business Essay. Students will review four cases Assignment _Mod 4 Online Week 8 Campus_ Applying the Concepts of Contract and Tort Law to Business Essay.docx and compose a single formal, APA-formatted paper responding to the questions posed with each case (Do not prepare four different papers). The entire composition should be no more than 1000 words (word count excluded title and reference pages). Additional considerations when drafting this composition:

Support – appropriate citation to both class materials and student research is used to support the analyses presented
Writing – ensure strong sentence and paragraph structure are provided; few or no minor errors in grammar and spelling appear; the work represents appropriate scholarly and professional writing style with clear and concise language and without unsupported comments. Overall, a reader would observe the writing style is appropriate for a college student.
Format – the composition utilizes proper 6th edition APA used throughout and in references with no more than one significant error. APA headings are used to organize content and the logical flow of writing
Length: 1000 words (excluding the title page and references)
Submission: Provide the composition in Microsoft Word format as an attachment in the Blackboard submission tab. Due by Sunday, Week 4 before 11:59 pm.