Business Law

The Eminem ad for Chrysler that ran during the Super Bowl in February 2011 was rated as one of the best ads for the game. In May 2011, Audi ran an ad at a German auto show that had the feel of the Eminem Chrysler Lose Yourself ad.  Subsequently, the German auto show ad made its way onto the Internet.
The German ad caught the attention of Eminem and 8 Mile, Eminems publishing company. They notified Audi that the ad constituted unauthorized use of their intellectual property. Explain what rights Eminem and 8 Mile have and how the courts can help.  
See the two commercials below to compare:
Chrysler Advertisement: 
Advertisement from Germany: 
It would be helpful to define what is considered intellectual property and copyright, and what type of law applies (federal or state) and what role the courts play in a legal dispute.
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