Business Letter Scenario

Learning Objective: Demonstrate the use of memorandums, notes, email messages, and letters in businesses & Apply skills in solving business problems through planning and writing techniques.
Directions: Select one of the following business scenarios and use the information to create a bad news message in response to the situation. You will have to use your imagination to create additional details (such as mailing addresses, dates, times, or alternate solutions) that address the issues in the scenario and help make your message complete and professional. However, use the details you are given and only make up the missing information. You also need to create a letterhead design since the message should be sent out on company letterhead. Remember to format your letter in the standard block-style. DO NOT use a Microsoft letter template to create the letter. You must format the document from scratch. See the grading checklist and example letter at the bottom of this screen. Edited to Add (3/19/21): When typing the signature block of your letter, you can use the “freestyle script” font in WORD to simulate a written signature. This is the font style used in the example letters you have seen so far. If you were sending the letter through the mail, you would print it out and actually sign it. However, since I need you to submit your document as a WORD file and not a Pdf file, please use this alternative method for signing
Scenario #2
Janice Bishop is a freelance photographer who operates from her home in Marshall, Texas. Janice regularly uses email to conduct her business, posting photography samples on her website and corresponding with customers via email. A technical problem with her Internet Service Provider (ISP), Pac Link, caused her business website to be down for two days. When service was restored, Janice learned that she missed the opportunity to sell $ 3,000 of photographs to a national magazine.
As an account representative of Pac Link, you received a letter from Janice demanding payment for  $3,000 in damages. Pac Links personal service contract includes a provision stating the company is not liable for any damages resulting from a loss of service. In contrast, the business service contract does provide for damages if service is not restored within eight hours. Janice chose to set up a personal account because of the significantly higher cost of the business service contract. Write a refusal letter to Janice Bishop. Explain the benefits of the business service contract in attempts to help her avoid this type of problem in the future and to show that you value her as a customer and want to help her.