BYOCS – References Assignment

In Module 3, you provided case information for your BYOCS scene. You are now responsible for identifying references to bolster your discussion of the case, as well as any information that would support the evidence found at your scene.
As such, you will be responsible for locating at least four (4) reliable and scholarly references to support the information found in your BYOCS scene. Examples include your textbook, the readings assigned for this course, and scholarly journal articles (such as those in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, Journal of Forensic Identification, and Criminology) found in the Saint Leo Library. If you are having trouble finding scholarly references, contact a librarian to assist you. In addition, you can access reliable websites, such as the FBI (FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin) and other governmental websites.
In addition, you will provide a one- to two-paragraph “summary” of the reference, as well as explain how it relates to your case information. This is known in some academic circles as an “annotated” reference page. You will follow APA style formatting for this part of the project.