Can be any topic on argumentative essay.

ssignment Prompt
Argumentative essay.

For this assignment, you will be writing an argumentative essaya piece of writing that requires you to take a position, what rhetoricians call a , on a debatable topic (that is, a topic with more than one side). Specifically, you will present a  where you argue for or against a change of some kind. This  should be supported by reliable, credible  (i.e. ) backed by research.  In addition to presenting your , you will also need to acknowledge the other side, which is called the . For this assignment, you may choose your own topic or select one from the list below.

Assignment-Specific Requirements:
Length: This assignment should be at least 750 words. 
: Underline your  or the main  of your letter.
: plan to develop at least three strong  to accompany your  and at least one . Each supporting point should equate to at least one . 
Sources Needed: The essay should integrate at least four reliable and , to help prove the argument for or against a policy change.  Be sure to use  for all in-text and  citations. 
Page Formatting: See 

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