Carrie Mae Weems

The final formal writing assignment is a 3-part project centered on a 3-page essay proposing an exhibition on a particular theme. You will select 5 objects and write a catalog essay introducing the exhibition, the works in the show, and the larger historical and social field in which the exhibition engages. This final project will require you to think beyond formal or factual information about works of art. It will allow you to think conceptually and develop a unified thesis through a variety of written components. The exhibition can be for a gallery in a museum, or another venue of your choice. Exhibition Portfolio The final portfolio Exhibition portfolio should include: Concept Map Exhibition proposal/catalog essay 3 pages Narrative essay to include: Clearly articulated introduction to the theme Historical and Social context in which the exhibition engages Works in the exhibition and how they relate to the theme Floor plan Create a simple diagram indicating where each work of art will be installed in the gallery. You will receive a template to use for your floor plan. Think about the story you want to tell with the works of art and the sequence you would like your audience to see each work as well as which works are hung next to and across from each other. Exhibition statement One paragraph Exhibition Statement to serve as the Introductory gallery text. Publicity Image One work selected as a publicity image for advertisements and the invitation to the opening reception. Include 1-2 paragraphs explaining why it exemplifies the exhibition theme. (Can be an excerpt from your exhibition essay) Exhibition checklist and wall text for 5 works (50-70 words) for each artwork chosen Wall text is written for the general museum audience. Write wall text for each piece in your exhibition that helps the viewer gain insight into the artist, the aesthetic and political ideas, as well as the cultural meaning you intend to convey by the works of art. Practices of curation, and display are powerful tools to shift the story being told and should be used with clear intention. Exhibition checklist: List each work of art and Include: Artwork title Artist`s name Date Medium Collection location (museum, etc) Close Looking sheet for the 5 works included in the exhibition