case analysis

M3 Assignment:  Case Analysis Assignment:  Elizabeth Holmes
The story of Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, is our topic for reflection this week.  This history behind the scandal orchestrated by Elizabeth Holmes is astounding on many levels.  This week I would like you to research her story, providing a history of how her company Theranos rose in popularity and prominence.  Next, discuss what you believe to be the ethical lines crossed by the company and Elizabeth herself.  What responsibility did employees have working for her?  What role should they have played?  If placed in this company, how would you have navigated within or would you have sacrificed your position to exit? 
Your paper must be three to five pages in content, double spaced 12 point font. Be specific in your examples and clearly refer to the week’s topic. Use appropriate APA format for citations and references.
To upload your completed work, click on the Submit Assignment buMake sure all references are cited and referenced. Scholarly references are required for all discussion topics in order to draw connections among different scholars to justify your writing. Scholarly references come from peer-reviewed journal articles.