case analysis ppt

This is a very important assignment and if you do well I will reimburse you.
Here is some more guidance to get you started on the first case (Huntington):
Direction of the Case: Huntington has now become part of Cedars Sinai Health System.  Develop a presentation to the Board (combined Cedars/Huntington members) of your recommended strategic direction for what should happen next.  This should include what actions you would prioritize, why, and what the cost/benefit would be (as much as you can predict).
Possible outline (develop your own):
Current SituationIssuesOpportunities/SolutionsAnalysisRecommendations (The Ask)In addition to the Huntington Health Impact Statement (the file I attached) you may use the OSHPD reports as a source of data.  Additional direction:1)Powerpoint presentation of no more than 10 pages total (not including appendices or supplemental tables)2)Provide key points in the notes section to explain the slides as necessary3)Presentation to Board (Cedars and Huntington) over the future direction and key strategies
Additional suggestions:Focus your reading of the Huntington case on the following sections:1) Background and Reasons for the transaction2) Profile of the Hospital and Analysis of the Service Area3) Summary of the Interviews4) Disregard the conditions being recommended to the Attorney General in the final section.  Feel free to be creative, but rational and logical.
Don’t forget to put an explanation in the notes section of your slides as necessary. This can be a bulleted and abbreviated format as appropriate.  Please make sure that your cover slide has appropriate headings and titles.  I am giving you these advance guidelines so that you don’t lose points.
This assignment is a longer version of what many interviews with consulting firms are like, where you are given some information and data with a limited time to prepare and give a presentation. In the interview, they are evaluating how your thought processes work under stressful and time-limited circumstances.