Case file documentation

1. Open the POC template provided on Blackboard and note the sections listed in red font on the document.
2. Review the areas referred to as Life Domains on the POC template, and select 3 Life Domains, one must be Safety, and 2 others that you believe correspond with the need statement you would like to generate.  You do not need to generate a Need Statement for every life domain.  Just 2 of your choice, and one for Safety.
3. Write your Need Statements under their corresponding Need section on the POC template.
4. For reach Need Statement, list 3 strategies in the corresponding section, noting if each is formal (provided by a paid professional) or informal (an unpaid resource). 
5. For each strategy, clearly identify who is responsible for completing the task, and the deadline for completion.

So i will choose  emotional and housing 

So its safety, emotional, housing only ones in red