Case Study 11/10

After reading Leadership Theory and Practice, 9th Edition, Sage Publications.  Chapter 3, The Skills Approach, please discuss the following questions on Case C3.1:  a Strained Research Team on pages 60-62 in our text Leadership: 

Based on the skills approach, how would you assess Dr. Wood’s leadership and his relationship to the members of the Elder Care Project team?  Will the project be successful? 
Based on readings, does Dr Wood have the skills necessary to be an effective leader of the research team? 
The skills model describes three important competencies for leaders:  problem solving skills, social judgment skills and knowledge.  If you were to coach Dr Wood using this model, what competencies would you address with him?  What changes would you suggest that he make in his leadership? 

Questions must be answered in accordance with this bookLeadership Theory and Practice, 9he Edition, no other references are accepted.