Case Study

Create a case example that describes a client/student’s reason for seeking career counseling. Your case example should explain in detail (1) your client’s demographics (i.e., race, gender, class, etc.), (2) the reason they are seeking career counseling (i.e., the client/student’s goals for career counseling), (3) an explanation of the challenges they are experiencing to their career development (both possible internal and external factors, e.g., lack of knowledge or skills, low self-efficacy, social barriers and oppression, etc.), and (4) how you would work with them using two specific counseling theories to reach their career goal and what career resources or assessments you might use. In this integrated approach, the integrity of each theory must be maintained, i.e., the theories should work together relatively seamlessly and not contradict or become confusing for the client. The explanation (4) of how you would counsel this client should contain these components:
• Explanation of the client’s career issues from the perspective of your selected theories; that is,
why are they having trouble with their career?
o Example: Social Cognitive Career Theory: the client/student is having career difficulties
because of low self-efficacy, lack of career goals, unclear outcome expectations,
perceived barriers that overwhelm their sense of self-efficacy, lack of perceived social
o Since you will be using an integrated approach (using more than one theory), you will
need to explain the problem from each theory’s perspective.
• Explanation of how you would career counsel based on your understanding of the client’s
problem (again, from the theory’s perspective).
o Example: Narrative Therapy; provide a step-by-step account of how you would apply NT
to construct, deconstruct, co-construct, and reconstruct the client’s career problem(s) in a
way that helps them move towards reaching their goal of counseling. What assessment or
activity would you use? For example, would a card sort be helpful in this scenario?
o In this section and throughout, you are free to create a ‘story’ in which the characters
(you, the client/student, and whoever else is involved) talk and express their thoughts,
i.e., put on your novelist hat and create a story with a dialogue.
In summary, your case example should paint a complete picture of your client’s story and situation, why
they are experiencing issues with their career from your selected theory’s perspective, and how you would apply that theory to assist them. 6+ pages. Paper must include at least two academic sources and a reference page. APA Format.