Case Study 2

Mr. P. is anxious and has not been able to sleep well for the last several weeks. He is morbidly obese, has hypertension, diabetes, and alcoholism. After completing the physical assessment, the physician agrees to prescribe a sleeping aid to Mr. P. Discuss the factors that could affect pharmacokinetics for this patient for each of the following: a. Absorption b. Distribution c. Metabolism d. Excretion You should consider how various aspects about this particular patient impact pharmacokinetics factors. You should ensure that you discuss how this particular patient, given the above information may have the various aspects of pharmacokinetics impacted What should the health care provider monitor for this patient while he is on drug therapy? Your answer should discuss the body systems that could be impacted through pharmacokinetics. Mr. P. also states that he has been having frequent headaches. He normally takes 2 Tylenol BID (Total dose 650 mg). It takes about 30 minutes for the Tylenol to be effective. He has also tried Motrin but has to take 3 Motrin in order for it to work (Total dose 600 mg). It also takes about 30 minutes for the Motrin to be effective. a. Which of the two drugs is more potent? Explain why, demonstrating your understanding of this concept. b. Which of the two drugs has greater efficacy? Explain why, demonstrating your understanding of this concept. c. Which of these drugs, if either, would you recommend Mr. P take? Discuss why/why not. Go to page 49 and read the paragraph on rate of elimination and half-life characteristics. Figure 4.4 on the same page shows you the pharmacokinetics involved with single dose administration. After reviewing this information and using the information in figure 4.4, Describe in your own words what those two terms mean then,,, answer this question: Due to Mr. Ps alcoholism he may be suffering from liver disease. The patient is also suffering from a bronchitis outbreak. The physician is prescribing 250mg Amoxicillin 4 times a day for his bronchitis Explain why the rate of elimination and the half-life of Amoxicillin is important to the healthcare provider when deciding the dosage and frequency of the treatment for the patient