Case study analysis

Case study Analysis Assignment is worth 100 points (10%) of your course weighted grade. The assignment must be in APA format (i.e. font size 12 font, font names that should be used are times new roman or Calabria (not both), normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced). The assignment requires a min. of 600-1000 word count or 3-5 pages or (Excluding title and reference pages). A minimum of two (2) references are required in proper APA format. References can come from a refereed peer-reviewed journal article, course textbook, and/or a credible internet source. 

Case #4: A 40-year-old man had retrosternal pain that was most pronounced when lying down after meals. This was associated with regurgitation of gastric acid into his mouth.

What is the cause of his pain?
What is the most likely diagnosis?

Include the following in your assignment #1: Case Study Analysis:

Title Page:

Title Case of Choice (i.e. Case study #1)
Include full name, panther Id, date, course

Body of paper: Response to the Case study Question.

Response to the Case study Question of choice. (i.e. Is this typical of caries?, What should be done?, What is the most likely diagnosis?).
Identification of Main Issues/Problems: Identify and demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the main issues/problems in the case study.
Analysis and Evaluation of Issues/Problems: Present an insightful and thorough analysis of all identified issues/problems based on the case.
Recommendations on Effective Solutions/Strategies: You may include a diagnosis and opinions with strong arguments and well-documented evidence; present a balanced and critical view; make an interpretation that is both reasonable and objective.

Reference Page: Must include a minimum of TWO references (APA format). Your references can be from refereed journal articles, textbooks, and/or credible Internet sources.