Case Study of Chappy’s

For the mid-term project, I want you to conduct a case study for the Chappy’s from the reality show called Kitchen Nightmare.

First, please watch the episode of this restaurant on Youtube via the link below: 

After watching the episode, I want you to conduct a case study by identifying the problems that this restaurant and its owner/chef (Chappy) have, and propose solutions/suggestions for them. The guideline is provided below: 

Problem statement (150 points) 
Identify the problems that this restaurant has. The problems could include but are not limited to:
– Restaurant design (what is wrong with the design/deco of the restaurant?)
– Menu design and price setting (What is wrong with the menu design? What about the price?)
– Food quality (What is wrong with their food? Why didn’t Golden Ramsey like the food?)
– Food safety (What did Goldern Ramsey find that are against food safety?)
– Leadership and management (Is Chappy a good leader? Is his wife a good leader? Why do you think so?)

Solutions and suggestions (150 points) 
– Based on the problems you identify, provide solutions or suggestions to each problem. 
– Gordon Ramsey also provided several solutions. What solutions did he provide? Do you like his solutions? What would you do differently if you were him? 

Please turn in a report that summarizes your findings. The report should be in word document format, preferably one page long, no more than two pages, 12 font size, single-spaced. 

*How to turn in the assignment? 
Go to the “assignment submission” section below, browse your computer and upload your completed assignment document, then click “submit”. You should receive an email notification that confirms your assignment submission.