cellular structures

Here we are again talking about lactose-intolerance. To understand where the issue is, lets talk about how lactose is digested in lactose-persistent individuals. Although in 65-70% of world population lactase production decreases in adulthood, in lactose-persistent individuals lactase is continued to be produced and secreted in small intestine cells even after early childhood. This week you learned about the structure of a generalized cell. However, our cells have different structures (different sizes, shapes and content). For example, muscle cells have more mitochondria than other cells in our body because they need more of this organelle to perform their function in the body. Create a new thread and: thinking about the intestine cells that produce and secrete lactase which organelles/structures do you expect to find more/better developed in these cells to perform their function? Explain your reasoning. (Hint: think step by step: what type of molecule is lactase? What organelles do these cells need to produce it? How are these cells going to secrete it? Etc)